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Victoria Marbles LLC proudly offers one of the largest array of rare stones. The collection comprises more than 450 varieties of Italian marble, stone, granite and other architectural surfaces imported under the sole agreement with many quarries and brands from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Turkey, Vietnam, and other geographies across the world.

Rio De janiro provides the best cutting and installation of marbles services in uae

RIO DE JANEIRO Marble & Granite Trading L.L.C.has become one of the renowned names in the highly competitive natural stone industry of the United Arab Emirates. With over 10 years of experience in the region, the company specializes in the trading and servicing of locally and internationally sourced marble, granite, onyx, and artificial marble. The services we provide include stone supply, stone consulting, professional design creations, water-jet technology, stone cutting, stone installation, and finishing. The key of the company’s success is maximizing value by serving unique, premium quality for competitive prices, and our differential advantage lies in the capacity to take on marble and granite projects from beginning to end, with ensured exceptional results. Our operations include residential, commercial, and large-scale projects across all seven Emirates. We take proud to be a company that runs the majority of marble & granite work by the Government of Sharjah, in addition to other notable partners in the region. We believe every project we take on is an opportunity to prove dedication, expertise, and competence.

Our Products

The materials we provide are carefully picked and imported from the best quarries worldwide,from countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, India, China, and others as per client’s request. After the client’s initial approval of the material sample, each stone unit purchased passes through a strict quality screening process, which ensures that all materials available in stock meet the specific quality for trading and construction project purposes. For project purposes, after the material acquisition, we then proceed to undergo the client’s project by working cooperatively with their architects and consultants.

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As experts in the stone field, we will provide expert answers to any technical and design questions our clients may have. Enquires on buildability, design, stone features, color, technical information, stone finishes, and suitability of use are matters we commonly deal with. We have certified partners that provide us with official tests and quality assurance to natural stone to check for suitability of use for a specific project.


Our experienced and innovative team helps clients turn their designs and stone preferences into reality. In order to do so, our architecture engineer utilizes AutoCAD software. The results are breathtakingly elegant décor for flooring, wall, columns, skirting,
steps, and any other required by the client.Such designs give a heightened sense of
luxury to any residence or commercial building.steps, and any other required by the client.Such designs give a heightened sense of
luxury to any residence or commercial building.



Waterjet Cutting technology is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of
material using very high-pressure jet water. These machines perform Abrasive Waterjet
Cutting, which uses abrasive substances to erode and finally cut the material. We utilize
this technology to transform our specialized designs into reality.



Our advanced technology machinery is capable of cutting natural and artificial stone
to meet size, design and construction requirements. We possess four CNC bridge
cutters and manual cutters, in addition to our Waterjet cutting technology machines
of U.S. origin. Our machine operators, which ensure high productivity and reliability
when taking on bulk orders or when cutting design-specific orders with high levels of
detail and precision.



The installation method directly affects the elegance of the material. From villas to large-scale projects, we professionally supply and install marble and granite as per the project consultant’s approved drawings. We make sure our experienced masons install the material professionally and efficiently, by using the best layout and surface preparation techniques. Our team is renowned for the exceptional time and efficacy for on-site installation. We also provide our clients with 1 year of full maintenance for the marble and granite works, completely free of charge.


Our team is capable of professionally applying different finishes, from Polished,
Crystallized, Flamed, Honed, and Brushed, always assuring high quality results. In
addition, some kinds of marble stones, continues to be porous and is susceptible to
staining due to water humidity. For this reason, we apply a stone sealer of Italian
origin to ensure that the surface of the material is sealed, waterproof and protected from staining due to humidity on the long term.

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